Wild Bill's Beef Jerky

Wild Bill’s Beef Jerky

Before heading out to tack the day, jerky is one of the best on-the-go snacks. Not only is it super easy to travel with, but jerky is also a good source of iron and protein to help you stay focused and to stave off hunger.

Company History

Wild Bill’s started back in 1955 in a small, local butcher shop in the heart of Pennsylvania. At the time, they were known as Balwell’s Butcher Shop, and they built a reputation around their high-quality, fresh meat. Word got around about their fine meat selection, and they soon became a local hit.

In 1983, Balwell’s begin to branch out, specifically into producing beef jerky and meat snacks for their customers. They changed their name to Wild Bill’s several years later and became known for their signature mason jar jerky. This caused their popularity to skyrocket, and they began selling their jerky all over the northeastern United States.

In 2009, Monogram Foods Solutions picked up on Wild Bill’s growing popularity and reputation and bought the company. While Monogram Foods is one of the nation’s leading meat snack manufacturers, they remain committed to the original Wild Bill’s mission: quality meat and a true, authentic smoking process. They moved the company to its current home in Martinsville, Virginia where their jerky continues to be hand strung and smoked in a traditional smokehouse.

Products Offered by Wild Bill’s

Today, Wild Bill’s offers a wide range of jerky products and other meat snacks. While beef jerky remains their signature product, they are also well-known for their bacon jerky and pork belly bites. With one taste of their famous jerky in a jar, customers and connoisseurs alike can agree that this is the most authentic product on the market.

Wild Bill’s also produces shredded jerky in the form of jerky chew to help you kick bad habits or for a snack that is easier to consume! It is made by taking their whole muscle smoked jerky and simply shredding it. It comes in a convenient tin, so it is especially easy to travel with throughout the day.

How Wild Bill’s Beef Jerky Is Made

What I love most about this jerky is it tastes authentic. Wild Bill’s jerky is fresh, has a smoky flavor and uses high-quality cuts that taste and feel as if they’re truly smoked in a real smokehouse.

The high-quality texture of their jerky showcased to me their meticulous care in the curing process; it was never chewy or gamey in any sense. It’s tough, fresh, and plenty salty — the way jerky was meant to be. It’s simply impossible to replicate the authenticity of their jerky without also replicating their high standards in the process of producing and manufacturing it.

Will Bill’s only uses USDA top round beef that is marinated in one of their signature seasonings, hand-strung, and then slow-cooked in their smokehouse to ensure a rich, smoky flavor.

Flavors Offered

Wild Bill’s jerky comes in a wide variety of flavors depending on what kind of seasoning you prefer: teriyaki, black pepper, or hickory-smoked. I have yet to try their ‘Mighty Fine Maple Bacon Jerky,’ but that sounds like heaven in a jar. Who knew jerky could be breakfast, too?

Their jerky has been coined ‘flagship jerky’ by customers and sets the bar for the quality standards everyone should expect and demand from other jerky companies. Wild Bill’s commitment to quality and authenticity is obvious and is a stark contrast to the stale, chewy, soggy jerky Americans have accepted from other popular companies for far too long. After experiencing jerky that truly tastes like it was handmade with care, it becomes difficult to shop other brands.

No wonder Wild Bill’s has accrued such a loyal fanbase; their jerky’s quality is unparalleled across the market.


Wild Bill’s is the premier choice for a jerky brand that is good, old-fashioned American through and through. Their company harkens back to a time of clean business and quality product. There are no tricks or gimmicks here: just some delicious meat.

Being in business for decades now, Wild Bill’s commitment to quality and authenticity has never faltered or wavered. You can guarantee that a jar you pick up today is just as good as the jerky they began to make in their little butcher shop all the way back in Pennsylvania.

Wild Bill's 3oz Smoked Bacon Jerky Packs (4 re-sealable 3oz bacon jerky packs per bag)
90 Reviews
Wild Bill's 3oz Smoked Bacon Jerky Packs (4 re-sealable 3oz bacon jerky packs per bag)
  • Four re-sealable 3oz pouches of Wild Bill's Hickory Smoked Bacon Jerky
  • If you're a bacon lover, you'll love this jerky - it's meaty, salty, and smoky
  • Bodacious thick-cut strips of 100% hickory smoked bacon
  • Proudly made in the USA - USDA inspected and approved
  • The perfect low carb snack - zero carbs per 1oz serving
Wild Bills Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky Strips, 30-Count, 15-Ounce
506 Reviews
Wild Bills Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky Strips, 30-Count, 15-Ounce
  • 30 Individual Pieces
  • 97% Fat Free
  • Same Jerky You Find in our Famous Mason Jars
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Wild Bills Black Peppered Beef Jerky Strips, 30-Count, 15-Ounce
164 Reviews
Wild Bills Black Peppered Beef Jerky Strips, 30-Count, 15-Ounce
  • 15oz of Wild Bill's Black Peppered Beef Jerky in 7" strips (30 strips per bag)
  • The original Pennsylvania Dutch, Amish-style "hung in the smokehouse" beef jerky since 1983
  • Premium top round marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and seasoned with cracked black pepper
  • Proudly made in the USA with 100% US beef - USDA inspected and approved
  • Only 1 carb and 50 calories per 1oz serving
Wild Bills Original, 36-Count, 15-Ounce
104 Reviews
Wild Bills Original, 36-Count, 15-Ounce
  • Hickory Smoked Flavor
  • 36 Individual Pieces
  • Same Jerky you find in our Famous Mason Jars
  • 97% Fat Free
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Wild Bill's Original Hickory Slow Smoked Beef Jerky- 1.5 oz. Packages (4 Packages)
  • Smoking The Highest Quality Beef For Over 30 Years
  • Wild Bill's Original Beef Jerky is just that - each bite full of rich hickory smoked flavor that only comes from real smokehouse taste.
  • Our very best flavor in one of our most popular bag sizes!
  • Tried. True. American. GOTTA BE SOMTHIN' TO IT!
  • Shipped Free of Charge Directly to Your Home

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