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New Mexico Beef Jerky

There are many reasons why beef jerky is a highly sought after meat. It is not only irresistibly delicious but also healthy. The mouthwatering pieces of meat have had a bad rep for containing preservatives. However, it is not true.

Beef jerky has high protein content that benefits the body. You can eat it as a between-meal snack and it can even help in your weight loss goals.

Beef Jerky: a Proper Background

Some individuals would argue that the Native Americans were the first to make beef jerky. It happened thousands of years ago. However, some also say the ancient Quechua, an Inca tribe, were the ones that introduced it in the early 1500s.

Nevertheless, the word came from “ch’arki” from the Incas’ Quechuan language. Its literal meaning is dried meat. The name eventually evolved into “jerky” as what we know today.

Europeans saw the Natives making dried meat products without consuming them immediately. They saw the benefit they could gain from storing the food since they were travelers.

The Native American tribes called the meat “pemmican.” It had added animal fat or sometimes dried fruit.

They soon taught the Europeans how to cut the meat into long strips and prep them. They also shared how to make the jerky, along with some variations.

Eventually, the new recipe has stood the test of time with many people around the world cooking and loving beef jerky.

What Makes Beef Jerky Special?

Beef jerky is an all-time favorite snack that is proof to the saying, “Good things come in small packages.” The small slices of meat tasty and chewy. It is simply desirable yet quite expensive.

One reason why it is costly is because of water weight. Beef has about 60% of water content. Therefore, when you dehydrate or smoke the meat, you will get a small yield.

At New Mexico Beef Jerky Company, a 50-lb. usually produces a finished product of less than half the original weight.

But beef jerky is about quality, so you get what you pay for. The beef cuts are extremely lean. You will not get the fatty cuts that are cheap and will not benefit you.

New Mexico Company offers high-quality top and bottom rounds of lean cuts. These parts have the best texture and taste for any beef jerky products.

Consuming beef jerky will make you realize that it involves labor-intensive work. The prepping and cooking processes take a huge initial weight of the beef to make a small piece. The entire procedure takes a lot of time indeed.

A small batch of meat can take up to three days to complete cooking. If you have tried a commercially-produced beef jerky, you can tell the difference from the ones made with genuine commitment. The meats are usually drier and rougher in texture than quality ones.

For a little bit of moistness and chewiness of “meat licorice,” smoking is a technique that works wonderfully. The method is more demanding but delivers a product everyone loves.

More Reasons to Love Beef Jerky

Preservatives are common in beef jerky. It is why some people try to stay away from it. Fillers and extra chemicals also contribute to the increase in the meat product’s price.

However, the good news is that high-quality jerky does not have additives. Even better, it can positively affect your health when you consume it as a between-meals snack.

#1. Beef Jerky Can Give You the Energy Boost You Need

During an unavoidable afternoon slump, reach for a beef jerky instead of chocolates or any other junk food. This meat product, surprisingly, is full of energy. It is best to consume it before working out to prepare your body for vigorous activity.

#2. It’s High in Protein

Protein is an essential macronutrient that provides plenty of health benefits. It helps the body to build tissues and repair them, which is why protein should be a part of your diet program. The body also uses it to make chemicals within our system, including hormones and enzymes.

Eating beef jerky can increase protein levels. It can aid in the improvement of muscles, bones, blood, and more.

#3. It Contains Fat

Contrary to popular belief, fat is not bad. Our body needs it to survive. Beef jerky has enough fat content that can aid in reducing inflammation and improving brain health.

#4. It’s a Good Source of Iron and Zinc

Beef jerky contains a good percentage of two essential minerals, iron and zinc. When combined, they promote a robust immune system.

Iron is an important mineral in the production of red blood cells into the body. Meanwhile, zinc increases the healing rate of the body. You can imagine how great these benefits are as you indulge yourself into these meat strips.

#5. Beef Jerky Is Good for Everyone

If you have diabetes, you may be wary of eating beef jerky. The meat may be high in protein but it will not raise your insulin levels.

Insulin is a hormone that tells your body to store fat. Therefore, you can already tell that this snack is healthy and even considered a weight loss aid.

About New Mexico Beef Jerky

New Mexico Foods, a division of New West Products LLC, produces the beef jerky you see with the New Mexico label.

There is no other meat snack that can beat the convenience of beef jerky. It’s small, thin, and portable, so you can carry it around no matter where you go.

New Mexico Foods Beef Jerky 100% Natural and Preservative Free 4 Pack 2.5 oz. Mixed Package, Red Chile, Green Chile, Peppered, Original
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New Mexico Foods Beef Jerky 100% Natural and Preservative Free 4 Pack 2.5 oz. Mixed Package, Red Chile, Green Chile, Peppered, Original
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  • If you would like 4 packs of all one flavor include a note in your purchase and we will ship only that flavor to you.

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