Welcome to Beef Jerky Hub, a forum for people of refined taste. 😉

My name is Charles and I’m the founder of BeefJerkyHub.com.

Our story begins circa 2017 when a good friend introduced me to the most amazing beef jerky I’ve ever tasted from his supplier in Thailand! Yes, you read that correctly – from Thailand!

He had lived there for several years during which time he developed a keen taste for the local cuisine, including a number of spicy beef jerky varieties. And so the story begins!

He’d buy large quantities (as shipping is expensive) and split the cost with anyone who wanted a share of the good stuff, sometimes even turning a profit. When I tried my first slice I was forever sold on the concept of home-made jerky! And I also realized the potential for a jerky marketplace.

So I built this website to be a source of information concerning jerky (so we can make our own) and as a marketplace for the homemade variety … as we all know, the best jerky doesn’t come from a store!

So take a look, poke around, and enjoy what we’ve put together. Also, check out our directory for big and small suppliers.