Halal beef jerkey

Halal Beef Jerky (Real Zabihah Jerky!)

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Have you been hungering for a snack made of nothing but pure meat? Then you might want to buy a pouch of Halal beef jerky. There are tons of reasons to try Halal beef jerky for yourself. Here are a few of them.

1. No Fillers

One reason that Halal beef jerky has been such a success for its loyal consumers is that it doesn’t contain any fillers. Halal jerky is exactly what you would expect in beef jerky–meat. A lot of health problems can sometimes arise when products contain fillers.

Those fillers can be made of some unpleasant ingredients like organs or even products from other animals. For those who can eat beef but not necessarily other animals, you can rest assured that you’re eating exactly what you paid for.

Fillers can also sometimes negatively impact your health. They may contain higher dosages of sodium or other chemicals. Halal beef jerky is a great choice for those who want a clean cut of beef without any mysterious meat added to it.

2. Halal Meat

When you buy Halal beef jerky, you’re also buying Halal meat. That means it’s permissible to consume by Islamic law. The animal is killed in such a way that it limits its suffering and guarantees that the meat is fresh and healthy.

Other conditions must be met for the meat to be considered Halal. For one, the animal must be healthy before it is slaughtered. Sick animals should not be slaughtered because they can represent a danger to society. No one wants to eat the meat of a sick animal.

Another rule is that the blood must be drained from the animal. This helps limit the chance of the meat becoming infected from a bloodborne disease.

Essentially, when you choose to eat Halal beef jerky, you’re choosing meat that has been slaughtered in a humane and healthy way.

3. Convenient

Another reason that Halal jerky is a great snack is because of its convenience. Like all beef jerky, you can easily eat it no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re working out, going on a run, driving in a car, sitting on a plane, or just lounging at home, your appetite can be satisfied with a simple reach into the pouch.

Jerky is a delicious snack that’s easy to bring with you anywhere. When you need a convenient snack, then the mouth-watering Halal beef jerky is the snack to choose from.

4. Delicious Flavor

One problem that many people face when they’re snacking is that they tend to get tired of that snack. It’s the same flavor each time. That isn’t the case with Halal beef jerky. While you still get to enjoy that meaty and smoked flavor of beef, you also have your pick of additional mouth-watering flavors.

You can enjoy jerky that’s flavored with smoked hickory, hot hickory, BBQ, sweet and spicy, and numerous other flavors. You’ll never get tired of trying out the different spices of Halal beef jerky.

5. Healthy

Due to its popularity, Halal beef jerky can also be healthy. For one, each bite has a ton of protein in it. That’s why it’s become a favorite of many athletes. It allows them to restore their protein levels after a hard workout.

Besides protein, you can also find low carb Halal beef jerky if you want to make sure you’re not taking in too many carbs with your snacks. You can even find low sodium options if you have to watch your salt intake. Halal beef jerky can be a healthy snack for any occasion.

Supreme Beef Jerky - Halal Beef Jerky 4 oz (Scorpion Pepper)
61 Reviews
Supreme Beef Jerky - Halal Beef Jerky 4 oz (Scorpion Pepper)
  • HFSAA Halal Certified: Halal Beef Jerky Stick
  • Jerky Type: Soft and Tender
  • Spice Level: 5/5
Moroccan Khlii Halal Beef Jerky 2.5 oz/ Harrissa Flavor (1 pack)
134 Reviews
Moroccan Khlii Halal Beef Jerky 2.5 oz/ Harrissa Flavor (1 pack)
  • Pure American Style Halal Beef Jerky Single Pack
  • Halal Exotic Moroccan Spicy Flavor of Harissa
  • 100% Chemical Free No Additives No Preservatives No MSG
  • High Protein Fat Free Gluten Free Zero Sugar Zero Carbs
  • Handcrafted Extra Lean Halal Beef
6 Reviews
Smiley's Halal Beef Jerky (3.25oz) (Teriyaki)
  • 100% Halal Beef Jerky
  • No MSG
  • Naturally Smoked
  • Hand Crafted
Halal Beef Jerky by Smoked n Chopped - Spicy Peppered Flavor 4 Ounce (Spicy 4 Ounce)
  • Delicious Beef Jerky
  • Texas-inspired beef jerky
  • 100% Halal Meat
  • Peppery and Smokey
  • Thick Cut

Last update on 2020-04-06

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What do you call a cow with a twitch? Beef jerky.