Kosher beef jerkey

Kosher Beef Jerky

For those who follow Jewish law, the meat you intake must be kosher. This stems from the actual meat to the other ingredients that are used in the product. Finding kosher beef jerky is possible, and here are a few reasons why you might want to try it.

1. Certified Kosher

Products that list themselves as certified kosher have to follow Jewish law in the production of their product. A product that is considered to be kosher means that it is pure or has been blessed prior to its cooking.

In the case of beef jerky, kosher beef jerky is meat and ingredients that have been blessed and made pure according to Jewish law. When you need something that is guaranteed kosher, then you can rely on the companies that list their beef jerky as kosher.

For those who follow Jewish law in terms of their food, Kosher beef jerky can an easy snack that won’t make you break with the law.

2. Pain-Free Slaughter

Whether you follow Jewish law or you just don’t like eating products that increase an animal’s suffering, then Kosher beef jery could be the snack for you. In order for something to be kosher, the animal must be slaughtered in such a way that it does not allow it to suffer or feel pain.

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While you may not have a plant-based diet, you may still feel uncomfortable about the unnecessary violence performed on animals during slaughter. Kosher beef jerky is a snack that you can eat without feeling guilty. The animals used in that pouch of beef jerky were killed in a humane and painless way.

3. Easy to Eat

Another reason you’ll love Kosher beef jerky is because of its ease to consume. Conveniently placed in easy-to-open pouches, you can reach for a stick of jerky whenever you’re hungry. The strips can sometimes be quite thick and quickly fill you up.

Kosher beef jerky is an excellent choice of a snack for long road trips. It can be difficult to open up certain bags when driving or sitting in a car. Other snacks might be too messy to eat and get all over your car.

This isn’t the case with Kosher beef jerky. You can open the bag, keep it open, and simply reach in for a stick whenever you’re hungry. Your eyes don’t need to leave the road for a single second.

4. Healthy

Kosher beef jerky is also quite healthy. Because it’s killed in a humane way, the meat has limited contact with the animal’s bodily fluids during the slaughter. It’s fresh and purified meat that is then dried and smoked to preserve its delicious flavor.

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Beef jerky has a lot of protein and other vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Whether you’re working out, driving a long distance, or just snacking at home, you should fuel your body with a snack that will help boost your energy and build muscle.

5. Delicious Flavor

Some people may believe that products that are Kosher may have a lack of taste. That simply isn’t the case. Kosher beef jerky can sometimes even pack a punch of flavor. Like most beef jerky, you have a large selection of the kind of flavors that you want to have in your jerky.

This can be as mild as an original recipe or as hot as one that’s coated with hot sauce. You may even find a few pouches that have the jerky powdered in California Reaper powder. This is the hottest pepper in the world.

Kosher beef jerky is a healthy, pure, and delicious snack.

Last update on 2020-01-27

Random Beef Jerky Joke:

"You might be a redneck if you think that beef jerky and moon pies are two of the major food groups."
-- Jeff Foxworthy